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Elevate Your Game This Spring

With the baseball season right around the corner, it’s time to gear up and prepare to dominate the diamond! Getting your body ready to compete while improving upon last season’s performance is crucial, but where do you even begin? Don’t worry, we have you covered.


To start, focusing on getting your arm back into optimal throwing shape while enhancing your velocity, command and mechanics should be a primary focus. Additionally, another priority should be improving your ability at the plate, specifically increasing bat speed, exit velocity (how hard you hit the ball), as well as improving the rate at which you make solid contact. Practicing your fielding and base running abilities should also be skills you focus on.

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Stop Wasting Time…


Remember, rushing into anything, especially throwing, usually doesn’t work out very well. Not only are you significantly increasing the odds of injury, but your performance will most likely be lackluster at best. It takes time to get your arm into a place where the muscles and tendons are able to respond well to the stresses that throwing a baseball at near 100% places on them. Our 6-week pitching program will help you improve your pitching velocity, command, and mechanics while giving you the best chance at staying healthy through carefully designing the program with workload management in mind, all while preparing you for the season.



As hitting is a more natural motion, it doesn’t take as long for your body to be able to withstand the forces placed upon it when swinging a bat at 100%. However, it still does take a bit of time. As time is valuable, it shouldn’t be wasted. Everybody wants to improve from the hitter they were the year before; they want to hit the ball further, hit the ball harder, and make more consistent hard contact. We can help you get there! Our 6-week hitting program will help you become a complete hitter, improving your bat speed, exit velocity (how hard you are able to hit the ball), ability to make consistent hard contact, the ability to make better swing decisions in the box, as well as mechanical improvements.


Where To Start

If you’re unsure where to start or how to improve, our expertise is here to help. We specialize in arm health, as well as improving your ability as a pitcher and hitter. Our 6-week programs are designed to have you in mid-season form at the beginning of the season while significantly improving your ability from the beginning of the program to the end. Invest in our guidance, and after just 6 weeks, you’ll witness remarkable improvements

Our Programs

Throughout the 6-week pitching and/or hitting program, you won’t be alone. Our experienced coaches will be there along the way, guiding and motivating you, ensuring you are getting the most out of the program, your abilities, and seeing the results you want!


Fielding & Base Running

Remember, baseball is more than just throwing and hitting. Fielding and running are equally important aspects of the game. 


Ineffective Training Methods

Don’t waste your time with ineffective training methods. Let us guide you in the right direction and help you become a force to be reckoned with this spring. Stand out on the field and earn the admiration of all who witness your incredible abilities.

Tired of not seeing the results you want? Let us help you reach your goals!


We will design a personalized program tailored to you, to attack your individual deficiencies while building on your strengths.


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