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“Even though Taiyo smoked this ball off the fence for a triple he asked the Bullpen to take a look at his swing. Next tournament in Washington after his assessment Taiyo hit a 2 run game winning HR against a very good American team. Taiyo leads the SR. Jays in HR’s this season”

Taiyo Boily – Delta Senior Blue Jays                                                                          

2023 Grad – Committed To Indian Hills College IOWA, USA 

Video Assessment

√ Comprehensive Hitting and Pitching Biomechanics Assessment

Personalized Video Analysis of your Swing and/or Pitching Delivery

Analysis will include a voice-over that highlights any deficiencies or areas that need improvement

√ Athletes will receive an extensive checklist that covers all the mechanical principles our expert coaches consider important.

We tailor make each program to the athletes specific needs.


The whole assessment process was very quick, straightforward and easy to follow. I got my assessment results a little over a day after sending in my video. The analysis of my hitting mechanics was really clear, especially with how they explained each part of my swing. It helped spot any issues I had during the swing. The video assessment was cool, using new technology I hadn’t seen before. The explanations were easy to get, making the whole experience awesome!

Jamie Young

Recently, I had my hitting and pitching mechanics analyzed by the guys at the Bullpen and I’m really impressed with how they did it. The video assessment and the mechanical checklist were helpful. Listening to Kyle talk about my mechanics, mentioning what’s good and what needs work, was interesting. To be able to see the mechanical checklist was huge. His tips on fixing things were helpful too. The whole thing was straightforward, and I learned a lot about how I move, which was pretty cool.

Austin Favro

I’m really happy with the whole process. Using technology to measure things precisely instead of guessing is great. Figuring out what needs work and what I’m good at has been really helpful too. I really enjoyed being able to view the mechanical checkpoints as I listened to my video analysis, it really made a difference as I listened to the analysis. Personally, knowing what changes I can make to get better is super valuable, making the assessment experience really worthwhile.

Caleb Palacio

Or Get A...

Personalized Program Tailored To You With Real Time Coaching & Feedback

Through our in-depth assessment that includes a pitching & hitting biomechanics assessment as well as a general movement screen which includes a mobility & power output assessment.

After the assessment, we develop a comprehensive corrective, strength, nutrition, and throwing routine tailored specifically to your timeline, skill level, and goals. Our instructional videos will guide you in maintaining proper form throughout the training process.

Throughout your entire time training at The Bullpen you will have the full support of one of our coaches who will be there to answer your questions and analyze your metrics in real time. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Before I Get My Assessment Results?

The typical turnaround time for receiving assessment results is 2-3 business days. However, during periods of high demand, there is a possibility that it may take longer to receive your results.

What's Included With My Assessment?

Your assessment results will come with a comprehensive video analysis conducted by one of our coaches. They will guide you through your mechanics, highlighting your strengths and addressing areas for improvement. Additionally, you’ll receive an extensive report covering 55 pitching mechanical checkpoints and 45 hitting mechanical checkpoints. Each checkpoint will be graded on a scale from 1 to 3, with 1 indicating poor performance and 3 indicating proficiency. Under each checkpoint, your coach will provide detailed notes explaining the reasons behind the pass or fail. The report will conclude with a summary outlining the key areas you should concentrate on for further development.


Can I Have Both My Pitching & Hitting Mechanics Analyzed?

Certainly, you have the option to assess both your pitching and hitting biomechanics. We provide three distinct assessment choices: pitching, hitting, or a combined assessment covering both pitching and hitting aspects.

How Do I Send In My Video?

When you register, your profile will be created automatically. To upload your videos, simply access your profile, click on the “More” tab, and select the “Onboarding” option. On the onboarding page, you’ll find a designated space to upload your videos.

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