SL Overhead Med Ball Throw



To perform a single-leg overhead med ball throw, start by standing on one leg with a slight bend in the knee. Hold a medicine ball with both hands overhead, with a slight bend in your elbows and tucked close to your body. From this starting position, engage your core muscles and maintain a stable posture. Lift your non-standing leg slightly off the ground, balancing on one leg. As you explosively throw the med ball outwards in front of you, simultaneously extend your arms and drive the ball out Infront of you. While your leg that is off the ground extends behind you, simultaneously hinging (bending at the hip) over your leg that is in contact with the ground. Use the force generated by your upper body and core to throw the ball as far as possible.

The single-leg overhead med ball throw is a dynamic exercise that targets several muscle groups, including the core, shoulders, back, lats and lower body. It helps to improve power, stability, and coordination.

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