Improve Your Bat Speed & Exit Velocity

Want To Improve Your Bat Speed, Ability To Make Consistent Hard Contact?

Unlock your true potential at the plate with our cutting-edge 6-week hitting program, exclusively designed to enhance your bat speed, exit velocity, ability to make consistent hard contact while cleanin up your hitting mechanics, propelling you towards unmatched success. Embrace our meticulously crafted program, and witness an astonishing results at the plate within just 6 weeks!

Seize this exclusive opportunity to skyrocket your bat speed & exit velocity! Hurry, spots are running out fast – don’t let this game-changing program slip through your fingers!


Bat Speed

Become A Complete Hitter

Exit Velocity



  • 6 – Week Hitting  Program – 3 : 60 minute training sessions per week
  • Online AND In-Person sessions can be combined depending on the player’s individual needs.
  • Online coaching can save you thousands on personal coaching. 
  • You will have your own personal coach assigned to you. You will be able to contact that coach at anytime.
  • Dynamic Warm-Up
  • Pre-hitting medicine ball drills
  • Hitting Program tailored to improving mechanics, bat speed, exit velocity and your ability to make consistent hard contact
  • The program has been developed by experienced coaches who carefully monitor and prioritize each players development, ensuring optimal results
  • Guided by experienced coaches


“We sure Broke a few windows today, didn’t we?”

-Robert Redford … The Natural


Frequently Asked Questions

Where will the program take place?

This program is designed for athletes to be able to complete on their own time or even with their team’s practices, when it suits them and their schedule.

What are the benefits of the program?

This program has been designed by experienced coaches and is tailored to help you maximize results while carefully managing workload management assisting in giving you the best chance to stay healthy. 

What if I have questions for my Bullpen Coach?

This is another perk of this program. You will have your own personal coach assigned to you. You will be able to contact that coach at anytime.

Is there anything I need for this program?

You will need a tee, or someone to throw you BP, as well as an overload bat, which is just a bat that is heavier than your game bat. If you do not have an overload bat, you can heavily tape the barrel of an old bat. You will also need an underload bat, which is just a bat that is lighter than your game bat, and can be an older bat from when you were younger. You can also buy an overload and underload bat, but that’s not necessary.

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