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Want To Throw Harder?

Unlock your full potential with our cutting-edge 6-week throwing program, exclusively designed to enhance your velocity and propel you towards unmatched success. Embrace our meticulously crafted program, and witness an astonishing surge in your pitching velocity within just 6 weeks!

Seize this exclusive opportunity to skyrocket your velocity! Hurry, spots are running out fast – don’t let this game-changing program slip through your fingers!


Increase Your Velocity & Command




  • 6 – Week Throwing Program – Consists of 3 60 minute training sessions per week.
  • Online AND In-Person sessions can be combined depending on the player’s individual needs.
  • Online coaching can save you thousands on personal coaching. 
  • You will have your own personal coach assigned to you. You will be able to contact that coach at anytime to ask any questions you may have
  • Dynamic Warm-Up
  • J-Bands Routine
  • Plyo-Ball Routine
  • Throwing Program tailored to improving mechanics, velcoity & command
  • Post throwing recovery program to ensure arm health
  • The program has been developed by experienced coaches who carefully monitor and prioritize workload management. Their main emphasis is to avoid excessive strain and safeguard arm health, all while striving for optimal results.
  • Guided by experienced coaches



Frequently Asked Questions

Where will the program take place?

This program is designed for athletes to be able to complete on their own time or even with their team’s practices, when it suits them and their schedule.

What are the benefits of the program?

We recognize that our athletes lead busy lives, often participating in multiple sports. To ensure we can accommodate your schedule effectively, we encourage you to communicate with your bullpen coach to inform them about the days when you have the most commitments with your other sports. This way, we can properly adjust and create a training schedule that works harmoniously with your other activities.

What if I have questions for my Bullpen Coach?

This is another perk of this program. You will have your own personal coach assigned to you. You will be able to contact that coach at anytime.

Is there anything I need for this program?

There are two variations of the program: one that uses plyoballs and weighted balls, and one that just uses regular baseballs. If you do not have or do not plan to have plyoballs or weighted balls, then we will send you the program that only requires standard baseballs. Once you sign up for the program, we will reach out to see what your preference is and then send you the program that best suits you.

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